Chain Link Standards

The galvanized steel chain link fabric or mesh is sold to a standard of 2" mesh X 9-guage wire in 50-foot rolls at standard heights 4, 5, and 6-feet high. Please click the button below and review the Chain Link options and specifications for your project; or call the experts at Amtech. Helping our partners to succeed is our goal.  Please give us call. 


Standard Single-Walk Gate

Chain link fence gates for residential use are available in standard and custom single-walk sizes.  A single-walk gate is designed for people to walk through. Single-walk gates are typically made from 1 3/8 inch diameter tubing.  Please consider giving us a call when measuring for a gate opening; you will need to set apart the gate posts far enough to accommodate the gate and the hinges and latches. Want to be sure? Call on us. We are always eager to help.  

Line Top (AKA: Loop Cap)

Line Tops are Installed on line post, or intermediate post and used to secure the top rail. Serves two purposes; a line post top and top rail holder.  See and download PDF file "Chain Link Fittings" as we offer below on this page. Please take time to review our other files as well; as we hope they are all informative and bring you an advantage with your Chain Link project. Good Luck!